Project Profile

Warehouse Management and Forklift Direction

Type Of Project:  New in-house application.

Ridgeline Involvement:  Provided Team Lead and Project Management roles.  Included work with corporate management to establish the possible approaches and ROI related to each approach prior to execution of the project.

Current Status:  Application was completed and put into production.  Continues in operation with no unscheduled downtime of system after 10 years of operation.

Development Environment:  C, Stratus. 

Key Points:  Project involved over 100 Professional and Crafts persons.  Trained over 450 operations personnel.  Integrated 6 different operations departments.  Estimating techniques were very effective.  The conceptual estimates indicated a price tag of approximately $2.5MM.  Final estimates before execution (utilizing Ridgeline estimating techniques) were $7.5MM.  The project was completed on-time and on-budget.


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