Project Profile

Production Monitoring

Type Of Project:  New product development for an outside customer.

Product Description:  This product was a unique approach to monitoring production operations and providing a flexible tool for providing data and analysis tools to users of the system from the shop floor to top management.  The product included a user configurable report writer that was capable of working from a data relationship model that was used to configure the system for both data collection and summarization. 

Ridgeline Involvement:  Provided brainstorming facilitation and functional design talent.

Current Status:  The conceptual design for the product was completed and a 10% error band estimate created.  The product was stopped in it's development because of a lack of available funding for the project.

Development Environment:  Windows based platforms.  Development language had not been established.

Key Points:  The product was stopped with approximately $40K invested in the initial design phases.  Original estimates for the development of the product were in the neighborhood of $600,000.  The final, 10% error band estimate and cash flow analysis indicated that the development and deployment of the product would require a peak cash investment of $2.5M.  The customer was ecstatic that they were able to limit their investment to the $40K rather than the $1.0M+ that would have been spent before the product could have been stopped under normal project process.


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