Project Profile

Governmental Reporting (Environmental, Small)

Type Of Project:  New product development.  From concept through Sales/Marketing plus continuing support and enhancements.

Product Description:  This product is an environmental data collection and reporting system for small emission source facilities.  The system was designed to meet a myriad of local, state and federal requirements for data collection and reporting.  The configuration of the system included the ability to define and integrate new user interface components with ease and flexibility.  The product also included a configuration tool that would generate a user interface application configuration from the standardized data collection configuration.

Ridgeline Involvement:  Provided conceptual design and development for Microsoft Windows standard product.  Involved integration of two software applications into a seamless environment.  Also, included Access forms and reports integration.

Current Status:  Product continues to be a successful product in the Environmental monitoring market for small installations.  Product is currently in it's 5th release.

Development Environment:  Access 97 and WonderWare™.

Key Points:  The product was brought to market on schedule and on budget.  The product continues to be a profitable product for the customer. 


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