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Governmental Reporting (Environmental, Large)

Type Of Project:  New product development of a dual-name branded product with joint ownership of product.

Product Description This product is an environmental monitoring system for large, fossil fuel fired power utility facilities.  The system collected emissions data from several types of industrial measurement systems and recorded the data in a database.  The data was then manipulated and reported according to very strict guidelines.  Verification of the accuracy of the data and the consistent and correctness of the data collection, manipulation and reporting was verified through standardized testing procedures developed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Ridgeline Involvement:  Provided overall design, development and management talent for development of product from conception through implementation to maintenance.  Included design liaison with co-owner on all aspects of product design and implementation.  Also included was development of staff and organization including infrastructure to support entire development project.

Current Status:  Product was completed on schedule and satisfied all aspects of contracts.  Product was eventually purchased by local owner and maintained as an active product.  Currently in release 3.0 and continues to be a viable product in the environmental reporting market.

Development Environment:  Unix, C and FactoryLink™ for initial development.  Later ported to Windows NT and SQL Server.  Involved portable design and development to ease simultaneous implementation on three variants of UNIX and three database management systems.

Key Points:  The customer was successful in the implementation of product which became a major share holder in a previous non-existent market.  The development and deployment of the product, including the development of the support infrastructure was done on time and with a significant profit to the company.  The business continues to be a profitable venture for the customer. 


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